Friday, December 28, 2012

Time to check on the boat

Guess I'll take a day trip to go check on the boat this weekend.
It's been over a month since last there.
Hope the boat is still there and doing OK.
No sailing, just checkout and pay the slip fee for the next couple months.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here is the culprit...what was this crap doing in my boat slip?

And then there were the additional crab traps near the back of the slip. One hanging off the dock and the other one was on the bottom, near the back of the boat.

Then the diver found this PVC pipe bracket that had solar panels and a cable on it.

My boat is docked in a junkyard!!!

Anyway, sailed for about 3 hrs on Saturday and 4 hrs on Sunday.
Dragging a jig and swimming bait behind the boat the whole time Sun without a bite.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well, I finally got the junk off the prop.

Had to have a diver come and work on doing it. The marina just couldn't see fit to help me out with pulling the boat around the dock, and lifting it on their forklift. Took a month for them to figure out they didn't want to help me. At least they covered the cost of the diver to cut it all loose. A crab trap on the bottom in the middle of my boat slip was the culprit. Then the diver found 2 more crab traps, and a pipe bracket for some solar panels. Wonder what else is laying around on the bottom in the Marina?

Pics to come as soon as I get back home. Don't have my SD card reader or my phone USB cable. My smart phone is DUMB!!! Or maybe I am...Duh!

So, I got to go for a sail today for about 3 hours. Might go out again Sunday for a while if the wind picks up a bit.

Should be back in business if anybody wants to visit and go for a trip. In between all the holiday travel coming up. Thanksgiving in Delphos, then XMAS party at Lake Erie.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What a bust!!!!!!!

The sailing adventure with Chris and Michael started out great this morning. They arrived about 9:30 am and I had the boat ready to go. The rigging was all set for the sails, the jib was ready, fuel good, oil OK, GPS track with three points down to Carrabelle loaded into the Lowrance, a wet slip reserved at the Moorings in Carrabelle, cooler and food ready, and everyone aboard ready to get on with it.

Drop the mooring ropes and the engine fired up. Start to pull out of the slip and 10 feet of movement and.........CLUNKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The engine quits.  Duh??? Restart it,  put in gear, and CLUNK and quit again. What the H _ _ _!!!!
Tried reverse and the same thing. Drive shaft/prop locked up. Don't know what's going on.

So I end up fishing around with the gaff and can't find anything like ropes or cords in the area. Then I go in the water feeling around the prop area with my foot first. I feed a bunch of stuff not supposed to be there. I dive down and feel around by hand a feel lots of small wire and some sheet metal. Can't see anything in the green colored water. Must be a crab trap or something similar. Tried cutting the wires and pulling but no go. It's locked in real good. Asked Marina guy to pull boat around and raise back end w/forklift. Too windy today and tomorrow to do it. Ended up.....I'll come back in a few weeks and take care of it.

SO................10 feet is the length of the cruise for us.
Packed it in and went to their rented house for the night.

Sorry Chris and Michael, I was looking forward to the trip too. But we did have a nice visit.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Got to the marina Sat afternoon and had a beer...1st things first. Got car unloaded and loaded up on the boat. Went to work on the pump issue and found a tripped thermal breaker I didn't know about. Got that reset and checked things out. Pump working OK now. A few other issues rsolved as well.

Now on to the keel crank today. Hope it's just a loose bolt, clamp, or something easy like that. Need some GOOD luck this weekend.Chris and Michael to be here Mon morning to go for a sail. Hope the weather holds out. Looks kninda rainy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

8/22/2012 and 8/23/2012

I finally talked Jeannie into an overnight on the sailboat, and a short trip out sailing, and back to the dock. We had a great morning, with a beautiful sunrise with our morning coffee at 7 am.

We got the boat ready and went out for a sail later in the morning, planning about an hour out and same back. Got the sails up before even getting out of the channel, and sailed an hour east from the last markers. Had good winds and made about 6 knots just under sail. U-turned at 10:30 am and headed back in. Winds changed some, and we only could make about 4 knots. Jeannie saw a dolphin right next to the boat while she was at the helm. YEA!!! She was acting captain!!!

Not sure what she was looking at, but it sure wasn't the GPS or the Compass. There were a lot of butterflies that we saw out about 2-3 miles offshore. Not sure where they came from.

Had some snafu on the trip back in the channel.
The centerboard crank up winch broke, or the cable came off, so I tried to raise it by pulling the cable go. Then we hit a sandbar, accidentally cause I wasn't paying attention, and that pushed it up, so I tied the cable off in the up position.
Jeannie pulled or braced on one of the front rail poles and finished breaking the base off.
One of the bilge pumps in the head isn't working for the floor drain.
Needless to say, I have some work to do for next weekend.
I should be able to get it all fixed up for Chris and Michael to go for a sail next week.

All in all, I think I might talk Jeannie into going again. YES!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Was a rough move 2 weeks ago, to avoid huricane Isaac, over to St. Marks River. Got stuck on a sand bar Sun afternoon takin a shortcut and had to wait till Monday to get the boat at high tide.

All went well and docked out of the way of the "non-existent Isaac". Moved back to Panacea on Labor Day weekend.

This weekend, just some minor items to fix, curtains and wiring. Won't be here next weekend, plan to go Bass Fishing for only 2nd time this year. Still can't get Jeannie to even come down for an overnight stay on the boat.

Not much sailing in the next couple months with some travel, Guy's Weekend, Machine Show in Chicago, Thanksgiving, Machine Show in Vegas, Wurst XMAS, maybe more bass fishing too. Chris and Michael might come for a short sailing trip. Will be a welcome change to me going it alone.

Still.............livin the adventure when I get on board!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Having to decide where to put the boat for hurricane Isaac. Most probable is up the St. Marks River. Plan to make a decision tonite, and move the boat Sunday if needed. Hope the hurricane takes a last minute left turn and heads for TX....(sorry Sarah)  :( I don't have to move the boat.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/18 & 8/19/2012

Sat/Sun trip to do some more work on the boat. Got some wiring work done. Installed a horn, and radio speaker near helm. Raining hard/thunderstorm this moring. Can't even get to the marina to get a cup of coffee. Got all the stuff I picked up in Canaveral stored in a local storage unit. Too much to keep on the boat. Now have a little more room on the boat for guests to go on a sailing trip. 


OHHHHHH! my head is swimmin.
Drank a little too much at the Reunion, Marbletown Street Party, Moe's, Sat nite concert - somewhere??
Got up and had to walk 1/2 mile to go get the car. At least I parked it early.
Not too many showed up at the reunion, about 30.
A LOT showed at the street party.

Went to the Ft. Jennings Festival Sunday and saw a bunch of old friends there too, as well as a couple of Aunts I haven't seen in ?? years.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Drove down to Cocoa Beach, FL to get my truck. Was gonna fly down with another pilot and he could fly back, but the fog was too bad in GA. Anyway, 5 hrs down there, get the truck, rent a tow dolly, hook up the car, load all the spare sails, booms, anchors, ropes, holy cow what a lot of stuff. Filled the truck and had to put some in the car. 6 hours back home. Now, unload the car this morning, and head out to yankeeland for the "Wurst" Reunion. (I've been a redneck longer than a yankee - 25 of growing up, 35 of Git-R-Done)

Maybe some posts of the reunion this weekend.

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Videos

Storm snuck up behind me.

Dolphins....Where did they go??....Where did they go??

Back Ordered Videos from the trip

Thunder storms all around me and "Just Me and the Boat!"
Jeannie wanted to know who "WE" and "SHE" was!!!!!!
The storm to the rear was the one that tore up the pulley, rope, and slide stop.

 Crow's Nest Marina at Venice, FL.....GOOD NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/5/12 & 8/6/12

Did some work on the boat again this weekend. Couldn't get Jeannie to go, she had back problem. Got the curtains set up, built some stairs for the floating dock (that 4 foot step was bad), had a real good dinner - beer, oysters, beer, crab legs, beer, karaoke, beer, .....sleep! :`)
Went for about a 3 hour ride in real light winds. Very relaxing, only went about 1 mile out in the bay.

My view from the dock my boat at the end of the dock.

 My view of the "empty shells" on my plate...yum, yum!!

The karaoke singer at the bar....Me, not her.........LOL

Monday, July 30, 2012


I tried this upload yesterday from the boat but for some reason it didn't take. Maybe forgot to hit the "Publish" button???? Anyway, I worked on the boat Sat/Sun and got some interior work done. Have an AM/FM radio now, led lites in cabin, chart light, screens on hatchs, and checked the 3 batteries. Took 2 gal of water to fill them up. Wow, must have been almost dry.

So, here is one of the sunset videos I took on 7/9/2012.
Had to compress it from 400 mb down to 46 mb to upload it.

Enjoy............I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Well, I figured out how to post my photos on the blog. So, there will be more than just the text to look at. Some amazing photos I took along the way. I'll start back with the first posts and put the photos in the blog sections by date. May take me a little bit...cause there are a lot of them. Going to Panacea, FL Sat morning to do some more work, will stay overnight on the boat, don't know if I'll go out and sail........... Unless someone wants to show up and help me!!!!!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Saturday I worked on the dock setting up elec post for power. They had trop storm Debbie tear a lot up. Traded elec work for dock rent. Got power now on the boat. At local bar waiting on karaoke to start. Had spinach quisadila for dinner. You know...Popeye has to have his spinach!!! I am what I am....... Sunday slept in, coffee at the marina store and worked all morning on minor items on the boat. Went for a short ride out the bay and sailed for about 2 hours. Tied up in a regular wet slip instead of along a dock. It's much better since the boat won't be rubbing on the dock side. Will try to get some of my photos of the trip posted this week.

Friday, July 20, 2012


9pm at marina bar having a beer and dinner. they let my boat hit the dock wrong and bent the rub rail. Go to work fixin stuff in the am.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


7:00am Wakeup. oil check - OK, Fuel 39 gal
7:45am depart
8:00am 2200 rpm engine
9:00am 2100 rpm
9:30am Jib up, centerboard down 25
9:45am idle, centerboard up to 0, 1500rmp, 4' water depth
10:30am Main up, sails only, centerboard down 25
12:30 wind dies out, 2000rpm, 5.5kts
7:00pm arrive Panacea, FL
Jeannie is at the Marina to haul my A.. home for a rest.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


8:30am a ggod rest...I needed it.
Start messing around in boat, coffee and pastry at Marina, load up on ice, beer, water, G'ade,
Decide to take the day off.
11:00am Into the bar for lunch, "It's 5:00 Somewhere!!!!"
Posting from 7/8 thru today.  Lot's of updates.

Dinner here as well, got a room reserved, only $10 more than the dock fee and dock included.
Plan a long tub soak, and a regular bed to sleep in.


7:30am wakeup, oil ok, fuel 11 gal
8:00am depart Cedar Key
8:30am sails up, engine off
3:30pm Sails down, engine on, wind dead, 2200rpm
4:30pm 2000rpm
5:00pm wind rain lightning, headed to dock, visibility 50ft, winds up to 50mph for about 1 minute
6:00pm 29.1 gallon added
6:30pm tied up at dock in Steinehatchee at "Goodtimes Marina"
Dinner in the "'Who Dat' Bar & Grill"     It wasn't me that done it!!!!!
Sleep at 10pm

7/13/12 - Friday the 13th, and I thought 13 was my LUCKY number

Well.........Jeannie lived at lot 13 Meadowbrook, Clayton, AL, and I got lucky with her in more than just THAT way. After meeting up with her, I always considered it a "Lucky" number.
Slept in till about 8 am
Checked oil - ok, fuel 22 gal
10:15 am out the dock
10:45 am Jib up
11:15 am C'bd down 25, Main up, 4.5kts
2:50 pm sails only then a sudden windshift from starbord rear 1/4 to port rear 1/4
Boom swept over, boom ropes caught my arm, lucky(13) they didn't wrap me up and break my arm.
Now 6kts northbound, rain/tstorm moves r/l ahead and I pass behind it
5:30 pm wind dies out, engin 2000rpm, 6.5kts, storms S & E
6:00 pm Sails back up since the wind was good again, 5.5kts, storm comes from behind me and passes me over w/o problems(lucky 13)
6:30 pm The storm from rear is catching me so I decide to drop sails. Jib down quick.
Started with main, but had probs w/course, so back and forth from main to helm.
7:00 pm Due to storm, wind, unlucky feeling (13) decided to dop and anchor, nearly lost a finger when the rope jerked on the clat. I forgot to lock down the boom in the center(unlucky 13) and when the wind caught it it swept from starbord 60dg to port 60dg and the pully block took off the end stop of the pully rail.
Luckily(13) I saw it coming as soon as the sail rippled, and hit the deck in front of the helm.
The pulley & ropes caught some on the safety rail cable, then the boom went 60dg port.
The boat took a sharp port turn, and then wind brought boom back toward stbd.
The rope/pulley luckily(13) caught the stern mast support cable and wrapped around it.
This stopped the boom moving around.
Either the boom, ropes, or pully could have wacked me in the hear, or knocked me overboard.
Got boom tied off to cleats, got sail down, still bad wind, rain, lightning.
Decided to reset anchor to front cleat, backed down w/engine, pulled in rope, started to bow.
Wind catches me again, turns boat, anchor rope 5 ft from end before I get to bow.
Barely got on cleat one wrap and could not hold on. Last 2' of rope in my hand and almost had finger caught in the cleat. Bye bye -- (Unlucky 13) anchor and rope is LAS. Better than me!!!!
Got everything tied down, engine up, headed for Cedar Key. Hope to anchor there with 1 anchor left.
Damn, I sure need an autopilot installed (or someone to manage the helm) (Dave???)
Setting at helm writing this and still veering 20-30 degrees each way.
7:45 pm Yea, just 45 minutes for all that!!!!! 2100rpm, 5.3kts, on motor
8:30 pm Check lights, (13) Bow lites and anchor lites not working.
9:00 pm Can't find problem, must be short, blew 10 amp fuse
2100rpm, using flashlight to check course, and sweep horizon, (13) nobody around
12:00pm, midnight, stop at Seahorse Key and anchor.
1:30 am wind picks up (13) too much to sleep, 4ft waves, decide to go to lee side of the island.
2:00am depart under motor, no lights, nav by GPS & compass, arrive inside key at 4:30am
Windy but just a light chop

My Friday the 13th is over!!!!!!!!!


7:00 am Fuel 35 gal, oil check-add 1/2 qt, motor out 2000 rpm
8:00 am Jib up, Cbd down 25
8:15 am Main up, eng off, 5 kts
9:15 am Under sail 2 kts, eng 2000 rpm, 6kts
11:00 am sails down - glassy water
3:45 pm sails up, light winds
8:00 pm arrive Dunedin Marina, fuel up 22 gal, eat/sleep


Got to find notes from 7/8 to 7/10 I wasn't lost at sea!!!!! Too much beer and C'Mist.

7:00 am wakeup
Oil Check-OK, Fuel Check
Motor out 2100 rpm
7:30 Jib up, Cbd down
8:15 motor off, Jib only 4.8 kts, main up, sw wind 15-20, :) :) good
9:00 sails up, wind dies, hat blew off, LAS (Lost At Sea) like my 2 shirts earlier.
11:30 splinter in hand from lawn chair seat board
11:30 DUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Moving around the boat I hit my head on a boom rope guide.
Probably could have used stitches. Doctored myself w/mirror, neosporin, bandaid.
1:30 pm 4.5 kts
2:00 pm plug in laptop for charging.
When I come out of cabin to check heading/helm, 2 border customs boats are directly ahead on bow.
Waved to 1st one as it passed by 100 yards, got wave back.
#2 was low to water, blacked out boat w/blackout wave back.
#1 then swerved behind me and eyeballed me with binocs.
I expect they could see the "fear in my eyes"!
3:00 pm 2000 rpm motor

Docked at Crow's Nest, Venice, FL
Got to see my video of why it's called be attached later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


6:30am Up anchor, idle out
7:30am Main up, Jib up, 5kts, engine off
I found a way to charge my 110vac by plugging in my inverter to 12vdc and using it to charge my phone.
Then found out the cord comes out of the 110 plug adapter to fit my USB port on the PC.
At least I have a lighter socket on the boat now if I need it.
9:00am 2000rpm, 5.5kts
4:00pm Fuel at Moss Marina, Dock at Matanzas Marina.
Had a shirt hanging on the  boat railing to dry off and it blew off the railing. LAS

Monday, July 9, 2012


6:00am wakeup
Oil Ok, fuel 20 gal
7:30am depart 2200rpm
8:30am Jib up Cbd dn 25
9:00am Jib down, motor 2400rpm
WTF no wind again, forcast was for ESE 10 kts
10:30am No land in sight, still no wind
11:00am NE wind, Main up, Jib up, 6.5kts
11:30am 7kts
3:00pm Wind low
5:00pm No wind, motor on, sails down
7:15pm 1st sight of land ahead, Morcos Iland Hotel ??? Yes it was
9:00pm Anchor off Morgan Beach @ Cape Romano

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Bedtime, 6 am wakeup, plan to be on my way by 6:30 am
Hope to make San Marco Island tomorrow afternoon.
Winds and weather look good.

Livin the dream!!!!!!!!


Slept in and then hung out around the Marina.
Mike McDonald, Kele, Jake, Zack came by after lunch and we went SW of Key West and went swimming on a sand we got stuck the keel on...;(
Kele freaked out when she saw a forming water spout about 5 miles away.
It never touched the water....maybe half way down.
Lots of rain, lightning, but not much wind on way back to dock.
2 pm back at the dock.
Plan to spend the night again due to rain & storms.


6:45 am depart marina.
8:30 am nain and jib up 4.6 kts.
12:00 noon Key Largo Marine for lunch and to get ice.
What a bunch of A...hole scuba captains, boats, and dock people.
Got told to get out of the way for the scuba boats flying down the inlet.
Gave one lady on the radio, and in some kind of uniform, the 1 finger salute after she told me to get my boat out of the basin.
1 pm back to sails and Key Largo can kiss my stern goodbye.
5:30 motor and sails for lack of wind.
Docked at Hawks Cay...$$$$$$$ dock fees and dinner.


8 am fuel up the main tank and the portable...don't plan to go thru that again.
8:30 am depart on motor.
9 am sails up and on the way.
9:30 rain, variable winds, motor back on.
1:30 sails only 5.5 kts.
3:30 wind dies, motor on.
4:30 back to sails. motor off.
7:30 pm dock at "Ocean Reef Club" a private club that showed up as a marina.
I docked in front of some condos, went to get dinner and asked for my card.
I said my buddy had thge card and told the bartender I would pay cash.
"Sorry, No cash or Credit Cards accepeted, only the club card."
I dropped a $5 and walked out.


Happy 4th everyone!!!!!!
In Ft.Lauderdale.
Up at 7:30 am then off to find a phone.
Also stopped at West Marine an bought some needed items...and some un-needed ones too.
Noon got the diesel back running with the help of a guy in a nearby dock.
Spent the day at Fll and never did get up with Dave.


6:30 am depart Jupitor,
Jib up then back down in a few head wind.
8:30 am got overheated and went swimming off the back of boat.
Forgot my cell phone was in my pocket.
10 am back on motor.
11:30 am main and jib up and making 6.6 kts.
3:30 checked fuel level and had 2.5 gal left + 5 gal in portable tank.
Wind dies out and start engine...should have 1 gallon/hour capacity.
4:45 Engine quits...1,5 gal remain in tank...air pocket in fuel filter...ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!
Sails only 4.2 kts.
6 pm sail into Ft. Lauderdale Marina under main sail only...can you say pinched cheeks?????
Dropped sail...drifted right up to the pier...course the incoming tide sure helped push me along.


Depart Ft. Pierce 7:45 am,
6.9 knots on wind only...9 am wind dies,,,glass ocean.
Ran on diesel to 3 pm then back to sails...5 knots.
Back to motor from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.
Docked at Jupitor for the night.

IMA Techno"TECH" "NO"

OK, let me try this again, I'm having a technology meltdown.
Went swimming with my cell worky anymore.
Got a new Verizon Droid, with 3G/4G home and office phone boxes.
Also got a 4G LTE anywhere internet box.
I'm 30 years beyond my brain technology.

Please forgive me for texting and sailing, posting inappropriate content for cussing my large fingers and thumbs that don't fit the phone buttons, and not being able to even answer a ringing phone call.

Enuf of that B.S.  .....It's been an interesting week...Blogs by day.