Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What a bust!!!!!!!

The sailing adventure with Chris and Michael started out great this morning. They arrived about 9:30 am and I had the boat ready to go. The rigging was all set for the sails, the jib was ready, fuel good, oil OK, GPS track with three points down to Carrabelle loaded into the Lowrance, a wet slip reserved at the Moorings in Carrabelle, cooler and food ready, and everyone aboard ready to get on with it.

Drop the mooring ropes and the engine fired up. Start to pull out of the slip and 10 feet of movement and.........CLUNKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The engine quits.  Duh??? Restart it,  put in gear, and CLUNK and quit again. What the H _ _ _!!!!
Tried reverse and the same thing. Drive shaft/prop locked up. Don't know what's going on.

So I end up fishing around with the gaff and can't find anything like ropes or cords in the area. Then I go in the water feeling around the prop area with my foot first. I feed a bunch of stuff not supposed to be there. I dive down and feel around by hand a feel lots of small wire and some sheet metal. Can't see anything in the green colored water. Must be a crab trap or something similar. Tried cutting the wires and pulling but no go. It's locked in real good. Asked Marina guy to pull boat around and raise back end w/forklift. Too windy today and tomorrow to do it. Ended up.....I'll come back in a few weeks and take care of it.

SO................10 feet is the length of the cruise for us.
Packed it in and went to their rented house for the night.

Sorry Chris and Michael, I was looking forward to the trip too. But we did have a nice visit.