Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waiting to get under way.

At the Days Inn in Cocoa Beach, FL waiting to go get things under way at the marina first thing Sat am. Have to do a few project items like installing the safety cable railings, fixing the wind indicator, and replacing some bulbs in the mast lights..
Safety cables and crimps are provided, I just have to install them.
Also going to "Haul Out" the boat to have the hull pressure washed. To get all the sea water junk off.
Makes it go faster!!!!   And check for any issues like paint wear or cracks.
Hopefully will get all the work done on Sat and be able to set sail on Sun am.

Schedule is to sail south around the Keys an on to Panacea, FL and arrive in about 10 days.
Time frame depends on how many days at Jimmy Buffet's in Key West.
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Hope I don't get too wasted in Margaritaville.
Maybe pick up Dave at FLL on Monday if he has a couple days off. ?????  And let him drive.....Sail!

Will keep Y'All posted