Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sold Boat

August 24, 2016

Boat is sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New owner hit a coral reef with his boat and it sank in the Caribean.
Same make, model, and year from what I hear.
They have now left the marina on Friday and headed to Ft. Myers, FL.

Glad to be out from under the issues.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 12 & 13, 2014 - Pat & Grandkids visit

Had a great weekend with Pat and his kids, Jeff, Brianna, & Alyssa.

We went sailing, swimming, & fishing on Saturday.
Then went fishing on Sunday on Fred's boat. Thanks for letting me borrow it.
We filled up his gas tank for borrowing his boat.

Had a great time catching 3 stingrays, a couple trout, tons of sailcats, and both hammerhead and black tip sharks. was close to the place we went swimming Saturday....not there again.

We all had a fun weekend.

Monday, November 18, 2013

11/15/2013 - 11/17/2013 With my Bros!!

What a great weekend!!

Joe, Tony, Andy, & Phil, my brothers, came and stayed the weekend.  Tom, you missed out.
Was a little crowded but we had a great time.

Saturday was a windy, wavy, rainy day, but we made the best of it with the bimini top up and the side curtains up, it was a fair trip out. Only went to about 3 miles SE offshore of Alligator Point. About an 8 mile trip each way. Just with the main sail we were doing between 2-4 knots. Did a little drift fishing but no luck.

Sunday we had some sun in the morning till about 2 pm. Got the sails ready at the dock, but never used them. We stopped at a trout hole just outside the channel entrance. Caught 4 trout, some rockfish, and then the Red Drum started in. Andy, Joe, Tony caught them. From 36-41 inches long. Due to FL regs had to throw them back. But not before pictures.

Had a great time for 3 nights on the boat, even with all the rain and cloudiness.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/16/2013 ****Shoulda Stayed Home****

Could it have gotten any worse?
Yea, The Wurst!!!!

The marina finally got the finger dock put back in so I don't have to "walk the plank" to get on the boat.

Opened up the boat on Friday afternoon.
MOLD in the cabin, on the walls, ceiling, cushions, almost everywhere.
Not real bad, except in the head. Lots there. Where is it coming from???

Anyway, I wiped some down in the main cabin and left the head for later.
Went and got the cart to load up and bring out my stuff.
Clothes, drinks, beer, snacks, computer case, boat doc folder, & pistol.

When I got to the finger dock, I turned the corner without thinking....
A wheel ran off the narrow finger dock and..........
Everything went in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except the cart I had hold of.


Grabbed a gaff and started dragging the floating things out.
Computer, clothes, docs, and some drinks/snacks.
Beer got away in the tide along with some drinks.
Pistol and OJ went to the bottom. 8-9 ft deep.

Washed/rinsed everything off right away and put PC up in marina store to dry out.
Tried diving down for gun but couldn't handle it.
A local guy heard about it and said he was scuba diver and could do it.
Loaned him a mask and he got OJ 1st try and gun 7th try.
Rinsed it off as well and set up to dry.
Gave him a gift cert for the restaurant at marina.

After all the BS and not being in the mood to stay, I came home Sat noon.
I did get to go to the bar and drink my troubles away and sing karaoke.

PC ruined, got this new one and still getting it set up after a week.
Gun cleaned up w/cleaner, and gun oil, hope it still works OK, only dry fired so far.

Got to go back someday and get the mess cleaned up from mold.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Did a little work last weekend, Fri/Sat, on the boat.
Got the boom rigging hardware moved back to go with the boom extension.
Also put up the bimini top since it was rainy all weekend. Getting used to the setup for it.
Didn't go out for a trip due to rain, storms, and wind.

Today I get a call from the marina owner. "Your mast has broken off, and is laying on the dock."
Bout had a heart attack!!!!!!
After talking to him, it ended up it was actually the sailboat next to mine. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!
He mistook mine for another one. Too bad about that one, the guy was working on the damage from the tropical storm. Didn't have a bow mast cable on it.

Looks like end of July for the next trip down there.

Anyone wanting to go on a weekend trip?

Friday, May 24, 2013


Well, I finally made it back to the sailboat. Seems like forever since I've been here.

Got the boom extension tubing made up last week, and started installing it today.
Got the insert mostly done, just have to tighten the bolts up.
Expect the balance to finish in the morning.
Have a guy coming to scrape the bottom, at least the prop and ports. Sink drain is plugged.

Plan to "Take Her Out!" in the afternoon and probably anchor out on a reef.
Might catch some supper....If my fishing skills aren't totally crap. For bass they are!!!
Photos of the boom extension later.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Got the bimini top least the top later.
Have a few screws to replace with bolts and backing plates at the main brackets.
I'll get the backing plates made up and install next trip.
Have to do some work on the boom and rigging to fit with the top.

Looks good...Thanks to my brother Andy at Delphos Tent & Awning.