Saturday, August 25, 2012


Having to decide where to put the boat for hurricane Isaac. Most probable is up the St. Marks River. Plan to make a decision tonite, and move the boat Sunday if needed. Hope the hurricane takes a last minute left turn and heads for TX....(sorry Sarah)  :( I don't have to move the boat.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/18 & 8/19/2012

Sat/Sun trip to do some more work on the boat. Got some wiring work done. Installed a horn, and radio speaker near helm. Raining hard/thunderstorm this moring. Can't even get to the marina to get a cup of coffee. Got all the stuff I picked up in Canaveral stored in a local storage unit. Too much to keep on the boat. Now have a little more room on the boat for guests to go on a sailing trip. 


OHHHHHH! my head is swimmin.
Drank a little too much at the Reunion, Marbletown Street Party, Moe's, Sat nite concert - somewhere??
Got up and had to walk 1/2 mile to go get the car. At least I parked it early.
Not too many showed up at the reunion, about 30.
A LOT showed at the street party.

Went to the Ft. Jennings Festival Sunday and saw a bunch of old friends there too, as well as a couple of Aunts I haven't seen in ?? years.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Drove down to Cocoa Beach, FL to get my truck. Was gonna fly down with another pilot and he could fly back, but the fog was too bad in GA. Anyway, 5 hrs down there, get the truck, rent a tow dolly, hook up the car, load all the spare sails, booms, anchors, ropes, holy cow what a lot of stuff. Filled the truck and had to put some in the car. 6 hours back home. Now, unload the car this morning, and head out to yankeeland for the "Wurst" Reunion. (I've been a redneck longer than a yankee - 25 of growing up, 35 of Git-R-Done)

Maybe some posts of the reunion this weekend.

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Videos

Storm snuck up behind me.

Dolphins....Where did they go??....Where did they go??

Back Ordered Videos from the trip

Thunder storms all around me and "Just Me and the Boat!"
Jeannie wanted to know who "WE" and "SHE" was!!!!!!
The storm to the rear was the one that tore up the pulley, rope, and slide stop.

 Crow's Nest Marina at Venice, FL.....GOOD NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/5/12 & 8/6/12

Did some work on the boat again this weekend. Couldn't get Jeannie to go, she had back problem. Got the curtains set up, built some stairs for the floating dock (that 4 foot step was bad), had a real good dinner - beer, oysters, beer, crab legs, beer, karaoke, beer, .....sleep! :`)
Went for about a 3 hour ride in real light winds. Very relaxing, only went about 1 mile out in the bay.

My view from the dock my boat at the end of the dock.

 My view of the "empty shells" on my plate...yum, yum!!

The karaoke singer at the bar....Me, not her.........LOL