Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here is the culprit...what was this crap doing in my boat slip?

And then there were the additional crab traps near the back of the slip. One hanging off the dock and the other one was on the bottom, near the back of the boat.

Then the diver found this PVC pipe bracket that had solar panels and a cable on it.

My boat is docked in a junkyard!!!

Anyway, sailed for about 3 hrs on Saturday and 4 hrs on Sunday.
Dragging a jig and swimming bait behind the boat the whole time Sun without a bite.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well, I finally got the junk off the prop.

Had to have a diver come and work on doing it. The marina just couldn't see fit to help me out with pulling the boat around the dock, and lifting it on their forklift. Took a month for them to figure out they didn't want to help me. At least they covered the cost of the diver to cut it all loose. A crab trap on the bottom in the middle of my boat slip was the culprit. Then the diver found 2 more crab traps, and a pipe bracket for some solar panels. Wonder what else is laying around on the bottom in the Marina?

Pics to come as soon as I get back home. Don't have my SD card reader or my phone USB cable. My smart phone is DUMB!!! Or maybe I am...Duh!

So, I got to go for a sail today for about 3 hours. Might go out again Sunday for a while if the wind picks up a bit.

Should be back in business if anybody wants to visit and go for a trip. In between all the holiday travel coming up. Thanksgiving in Delphos, then XMAS party at Lake Erie.