Sunday, September 30, 2012


Got to the marina Sat afternoon and had a beer...1st things first. Got car unloaded and loaded up on the boat. Went to work on the pump issue and found a tripped thermal breaker I didn't know about. Got that reset and checked things out. Pump working OK now. A few other issues rsolved as well.

Now on to the keel crank today. Hope it's just a loose bolt, clamp, or something easy like that. Need some GOOD luck this weekend.Chris and Michael to be here Mon morning to go for a sail. Hope the weather holds out. Looks kninda rainy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

8/22/2012 and 8/23/2012

I finally talked Jeannie into an overnight on the sailboat, and a short trip out sailing, and back to the dock. We had a great morning, with a beautiful sunrise with our morning coffee at 7 am.

We got the boat ready and went out for a sail later in the morning, planning about an hour out and same back. Got the sails up before even getting out of the channel, and sailed an hour east from the last markers. Had good winds and made about 6 knots just under sail. U-turned at 10:30 am and headed back in. Winds changed some, and we only could make about 4 knots. Jeannie saw a dolphin right next to the boat while she was at the helm. YEA!!! She was acting captain!!!

Not sure what she was looking at, but it sure wasn't the GPS or the Compass. There were a lot of butterflies that we saw out about 2-3 miles offshore. Not sure where they came from.

Had some snafu on the trip back in the channel.
The centerboard crank up winch broke, or the cable came off, so I tried to raise it by pulling the cable go. Then we hit a sandbar, accidentally cause I wasn't paying attention, and that pushed it up, so I tied the cable off in the up position.
Jeannie pulled or braced on one of the front rail poles and finished breaking the base off.
One of the bilge pumps in the head isn't working for the floor drain.
Needless to say, I have some work to do for next weekend.
I should be able to get it all fixed up for Chris and Michael to go for a sail next week.

All in all, I think I might talk Jeannie into going again. YES!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Was a rough move 2 weeks ago, to avoid huricane Isaac, over to St. Marks River. Got stuck on a sand bar Sun afternoon takin a shortcut and had to wait till Monday to get the boat at high tide.

All went well and docked out of the way of the "non-existent Isaac". Moved back to Panacea on Labor Day weekend.

This weekend, just some minor items to fix, curtains and wiring. Won't be here next weekend, plan to go Bass Fishing for only 2nd time this year. Still can't get Jeannie to even come down for an overnight stay on the boat.

Not much sailing in the next couple months with some travel, Guy's Weekend, Machine Show in Chicago, Thanksgiving, Machine Show in Vegas, Wurst XMAS, maybe more bass fishing too. Chris and Michael might come for a short sailing trip. Will be a welcome change to me going it alone.

Still.............livin the adventure when I get on board!!!!!!!!!