Monday, November 18, 2013

11/15/2013 - 11/17/2013 With my Bros!!

What a great weekend!!

Joe, Tony, Andy, & Phil, my brothers, came and stayed the weekend.  Tom, you missed out.
Was a little crowded but we had a great time.

Saturday was a windy, wavy, rainy day, but we made the best of it with the bimini top up and the side curtains up, it was a fair trip out. Only went to about 3 miles SE offshore of Alligator Point. About an 8 mile trip each way. Just with the main sail we were doing between 2-4 knots. Did a little drift fishing but no luck.

Sunday we had some sun in the morning till about 2 pm. Got the sails ready at the dock, but never used them. We stopped at a trout hole just outside the channel entrance. Caught 4 trout, some rockfish, and then the Red Drum started in. Andy, Joe, Tony caught them. From 36-41 inches long. Due to FL regs had to throw them back. But not before pictures.

Had a great time for 3 nights on the boat, even with all the rain and cloudiness.