Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Did a little work last weekend, Fri/Sat, on the boat.
Got the boom rigging hardware moved back to go with the boom extension.
Also put up the bimini top since it was rainy all weekend. Getting used to the setup for it.
Didn't go out for a trip due to rain, storms, and wind.

Today I get a call from the marina owner. "Your mast has broken off, and is laying on the dock."
Bout had a heart attack!!!!!!
After talking to him, it ended up it was actually the sailboat next to mine. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!
He mistook mine for another one. Too bad about that one, the guy was working on the damage from the tropical storm. Didn't have a bow mast cable on it.

Looks like end of July for the next trip down there.

Anyone wanting to go on a weekend trip?

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