Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/16/2013 ****Shoulda Stayed Home****

Could it have gotten any worse?
Yea, The Wurst!!!!

The marina finally got the finger dock put back in so I don't have to "walk the plank" to get on the boat.

Opened up the boat on Friday afternoon.
MOLD in the cabin, on the walls, ceiling, cushions, almost everywhere.
Not real bad, except in the head. Lots there. Where is it coming from???

Anyway, I wiped some down in the main cabin and left the head for later.
Went and got the cart to load up and bring out my stuff.
Clothes, drinks, beer, snacks, computer case, boat doc folder, & pistol.

When I got to the finger dock, I turned the corner without thinking....
A wheel ran off the narrow finger dock and..........
Everything went in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except the cart I had hold of.


Grabbed a gaff and started dragging the floating things out.
Computer, clothes, docs, and some drinks/snacks.
Beer got away in the tide along with some drinks.
Pistol and OJ went to the bottom. 8-9 ft deep.

Washed/rinsed everything off right away and put PC up in marina store to dry out.
Tried diving down for gun but couldn't handle it.
A local guy heard about it and said he was scuba diver and could do it.
Loaned him a mask and he got OJ 1st try and gun 7th try.
Rinsed it off as well and set up to dry.
Gave him a gift cert for the restaurant at marina.

After all the BS and not being in the mood to stay, I came home Sat noon.
I did get to go to the bar and drink my troubles away and sing karaoke.

PC ruined, got this new one and still getting it set up after a week.
Gun cleaned up w/cleaner, and gun oil, hope it still works OK, only dry fired so far.

Got to go back someday and get the mess cleaned up from mold.


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